Find a bookshelf. Remove every book from the shelf and divide them evenly between two players. The first player returns any of their books to the shelf. The second player then places one of their books adjacent to the first book and explains the shelving system they are using to organize the books. The system must not be an existing shelving system or a system previously used to return a book. Continue until all books are replaced, or one player cannot justify their shelving system. This player is the worst librarian.
  Gather many pairs of shoes into a pile. Each player picks one pair and puts them on, then holds hands with the other player as if to waltz. Taking turns and alternating feet, each partner improvises a dance step. The shoe on the active foot is removed and placed where the step ends. The shoe is replaced with a new one, and play continues until all of the shoes have been placed and the step diagram is finished. The partners must be touching each other at all times or the dance does not count.
  Examine a closet. Compose an outfit from the available clothing, and select another player. The second player describes an imaginary person who would wear that outfit, then chooses another set of clothes and describes the relationship this person has to the first outfit’s person. It is then another player’s turn. Continue to choose outfits and describe relationships until an entire community has been imagined and it is time to do laundry.
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