Aidan Grealish is an interactive artist, game designer, and researcher who lives and works in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her practice concerns technology, interactivity, and immersive design with a particular interest in human-computer interaction and digital play. She creates deeply considered and carefully crafted work that celebrate the intersection of games, fashion, and surprising design; she aims to solve problems with humor and clever experience-building. She is the founder and creative director of Squidbeak Studio, an independent game studio; she directed CURIO, an exploratory narrative game for Oculus Rift.

I repeat “yes, and” until the idiosyncrasies of digital community reveal themselves. I construct virtual and material experiences through obsessive research-based practice and critical humor, focusing my exploration on the coalescence of bits and atoms. By playing within the intersection of technology, identity, and post-internet aesthetics, I reify the outcomes of digital culture, particularly those central to human-computer interaction and video games.

Aidan has also been called "the best part of twitter dot com" and "a treasure" on the internet. She promises she's even funnier in real life.